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Team Coaching Sessions

Harness the knowledge economy of your teams to deliver superior results.

Team Coaching Sessions
  • The main benefit of team coaching has been developing an awareness of each other needs, strengths and fears, preferred ways of working, communication and getting to know each other as people. We have shown vulnerability in front of each other, and this has created a strong bond within the team.

    Team Coaching has given us clearer accountabilities and responsibilities within the team. We have improved connection, collaboration, empathy, strengthened relationships and improved the overall efficiency with our work. We are now working and performing as a team with a common objective, whereas before we were different individuals trying to achieve different goals.

    I now understand my team better, their individual needs as well as my own. Understanding how I am perceived by my team has been the greatest contribution to my career and my leadership journey.

    I love how Tim & Sarah play different roles in the sessions, to involve all the different types of personalities and individual needs. I love how they facilitate and guide us, but also give space and time for the team to drive the conversation and make decisions. They create a warm and safe environment where we feel really comfortable to open up and share with each other.

    Zara Valbuena-Lopez
    Principal Product Developer


Team Development Training

Is your business reaping the rewards from the diversity that exists within your team? Team Coaching has become a fast-growing area of investment for companies looking to see a high return on investment. Team Coaching improves productivity through focussing on team performance, based on the assumption that a team can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Today teams are needing to form, storm and perform faster than ever with collaboration widely agreed as a key ingredient. However, that assumes that individuals know how to collaborate effectively.

Our experienced coaches will provide structure, support & empowerment to your teams to allow them to learn, practice & integrate new behaviours over time. Team Coaching sessions can be used to further build on the deep connection and skills developed from our Team-Building and/ Leadership training programs. As a stand-alone or combined approach, Team Coaching leads to sustained results over time.

The sessions engage all team members in honest conversations, that enable our coaches to identify the team dynamics that might be leading to issues & poor performance within the team. By focussing on real & dynamic issues, sessions can deliver meaningful & timely benefits. Resulting in a far broader benefits than just the bottom line, seeing improved levels of morale, retention, reduced stress & burnout.

The Team Coaching process starts with discovery and assessment, building clear contracts & timelines with Leaders & Commissioners.

Challenges this program can address

  • Newly formed teams who are needing to align
  • Established teams who are not working to their full potential
  • Strengthening a low-performing sub-team within a larger team
  • Enhancing the productivity & impact of a matrix team
  • High levels of siloed thinking & working
  • Low levels of trust & engagement
  • Poor inter-team communication
  • Inter-team conflict or disharmony
  • New leadership to the team
  • Teams feeling exhausted or close to burn out
  • Low levels of healthy challenge in team meetings
  • Lack of healthy challenge in team meetings
  • Teams where there is an imbalance of contributors

Our Approach

Our approach is based upon building a collaborative partnership, for the purpose of raising collective awareness, and building better understanding of the team’s internal and external systems.

This approach increases the team’s confidence in their ability to cope with current and future challenges. We focus on growing the team’s long-term capacity, enabling them to identity and co-create the value they represent for their stakeholders.

Our core aim is to grow a self-coaching culture where leadership to initiate change and challenge is distributed across the team. This culture will then continue long after the team coaching program is finished.

Program structure

Starting with a team assessment through consultation with the Leader/Commissioner. A timeline, structure and contract of work is then agreed. Team Coaching programs typically comprise of 4-8 sessions,each of 2-3 hours in duration.

Virtual delivery

Due to the shorter length of these sessions, the majority of teams opt for virtual delivery, making this a cost and time efficient team intervention.

Outcomes you can expect

Your team will experience immediate positive change and progress towards agreed outcomes. Outcomes are measured through a collaborative process between the team and our Coaches.

Team members will leave each session with greater clarity on changes they can apply to improve team performance.

You can expect to see:

  • Prioritisation of team outcomes, goals and actions
  • Team members acquiring the skills and norms to coach itself
  • Increased connection, collaboration and cooperation
  • Increased collective awareness of team dynamics
  • Higher levels of positivity and harmony
  • More discussion, debate and healthy challenge in meetings
  • Better decision making (as a result of the increased healthy challenge)
  • Team members reporting that they feel more recognised and engaged
  • Greater self-awareness and self-regulation in team members’ behaviours
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Program Structure

Ranging from a 2-day training, to a 12-month program to suit your LT’s needs and budget.

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Virtual Delivery

For Leadership Teams located across Europe or EMEA, who are unable to meet in person, we can create a highly engaging virtual program

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Interested to find out how our Team Coaching sessions can take your Team to the next level?

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