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Growing Leaders & Developing Teams Since 2014

We can help your people to find their ‘inner leader’ through transformative training that delivers real-world results. Partner with us to build a culture of performance and engagement.

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About Inner Leader

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” So said Charles Darwin and he knew a thing or two about evolution. For your business to grow, develop and thrive, you need your people to be inspired, engaged, capable of leading themselves and others.

Inner Leader Ltd is a business-to-business consultancy specialising in the areas of leadership development, team-building, communication & mindset.

We are based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire but we work with businesses all over the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). We’re small enough to care but big enough to support you.

Our passion is helping people in business find their ‘inner leader’ through transformative training. We focus on understanding the unique development needs of every team or individual we partner with, designing programmes that inspire, deliver results and leave a lasting impact.

Meet the Inner Leader Team

Tim 1 2
Founder & Managing Director

Tim Cooper-Robins

Tim draws upon 20 years of hands-on business experience and a passion for understanding human psychology. Known for his enthusiasm and humour, Tim brings energy, insight and healthy challenge to his work.

He holds a degree in Applied Psychology and is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (a collection of techniques for creating changes to mindset). He is also a certified Fire-Walking Instructor, making him uniquely qualified to help his clients achieve break-through results.

Tim started his career in Sales within Financial Services, holding positions as a Sales Exec & Sales Manager. Then, in his mid-20’s, he resigned from his well paying job, and bought a one way ticket to India, in pursuit of deeper personal fulfilment and a quieter mind.

Tim lived in Asia for 8 years where he established and grew a successful Life Coaching business, before returning to the UK set up Inner Leader.

Sarah 1 2

Sarah Cooper-Robins

Sarah is a Facilitator, Trainer, Mindset Coach & co-Director of Inner Leader. Prior to Inner Leader, she spent 20 years leading complex multidisciplinary Mental Health teams in the NHS, leading teams of 140 people.

Driven by her core purpose to see every person realise their potential, Sarah built thriving teams that delivered excellence in challenging environments.

Seeking a new challenge, Sarah joined Inner Leader in 2022. She brings her passion & experience to help teams unlock their potential and achieve results. Sarah’s calm and warm approach creates a safe space for a vulnerable & authentic learning experience, essential to maximise personal growth.

Sarah loves to create people development programmes that encourage people to step out of their comfort zone. With her expertise in mental health, alongside her certification in Fire-Walking & DISC, Sarah creates learning opportunities that see meaningful & lasting behaviour change.

Jo 1 1
Client Services Co-ordinator

Jo Bennett

Jo is delighted to have recently joined Inner Leader as the Client Services Co-ordinator. With a degree in Business Studies and a Chartered Institute of Marketing post graduate diploma in Marketing, Jo brings a range of vital skills and experience drawn from over 25 years in business support roles across a variety of industries.

Jo’s role is to manage the working cogs of Inner Leader, which in turn supports Tim and Sarah to deliver empowering training experiences for individuals and teams.

Jo is passionate about efficiency and accuracy in the workplace, and providing clients with a positive experience of Inner Leader.

When she’s not keeping everything in ship shape for Inner Leader, you can find her out in muddy fields training her working springer spaniels for gundog scurry competitions up and the country.

Anna 1
Facilitator & Coach

Anna Hislop

Anna is an experienced coach who has worked extensively with leaders across EMEA, UK and US in a wide range of sectors and industries such as Media & Communication, Retail, Med Tech and Healthcare. She holds a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential with International Coaching Federation, which is a testament to her commitment to maintaining high ethical and professional standards.

Anna’s coaching style is dynamic and empowering, creating a collaborative and engaging partnership with her clients. She understands the ever-evolving business landscape and is committed to supporting her corporate clients to thrive in it.

Currently pursuing an MSc in Business and Organisational Psychology, Anna continues to deepen her understanding of leadership and organisational culture, enriching her expertise in the field.

She draws from her knowledge to provide targeted and relevant coaching, enabling her clients to achieve their professional goals, raise their influence and reach their full potential.

Anna is also a published author, and her book, “You Only Have to Ask! How to Realise the Full Potential of Gen Z at Work,” serves as a comprehensive guide for organisations aiming to harness the unique strengths of Gen Z employees.

Rachael 1
Facilitator & Coach

Rachael Hurdman

Rachael draws upon 18 years of experience in the Financial Services sector, both as a Manager and as a Coach. She has coached partners, directors, senior managers, business development managers to achieve their best.

Rachael has experience with a diverse clientele, including sectors like Legal, Accountancy, Engineering, and Education, while maintaining a strong connection with her roots in Financial Services.

Rachael’s style is both practical and focused, ensuring that her clients feel supported and challenged to grow. She’s passionate about helping individuals and teams to develop and achieve measurable results.

Rachael is in her element when it comes to facilitating team development, especially for executive boards and senior leadership teams. Her ability to manage strong personality types, whilst holding a space for everyone to contribute is exceptional.

She adapts her approach to suit each client’s unique circumstances, ensuring that personal and professional goals are simultaneously integrated.

Rachael’s inquiry-centred approach, combined with her astute communication skills distinguishes her from other coaches, facilitators & consultants.

Our Vision

A world where every person has the courage and skills to lead themselves and others.

Our Purpose

To transform organisations, communities & families by providing practical learning experiences that equip people with the mindset and skills for courageous self-leadership.

Inner Leader Our Vision
Inner Leader Our Values

Our Values

Learning with Integrity 

We don’t believe in a quick fix. We build lasting, high value partnerships with honesty and transparency to make a difference to organisations.

Driven by Curiosity

We don’t stand still. We’re constantly learning ourselves in order to meet the changing and challenging needs of the organisations we work with.

Courage over comfort

We encourage our clients to step out of their comfort zones to find opportunities to learn, grow and thrive, both as individuals and as employees.

Passion for growth

We’re serious about developing people, but playful at heart, committed to positive change for our clients, challenging them, supporting them, empowering them. We’re doing what we love, loving what we do.

Why Clients Choose Us

Clients partner with us because they experience real results and enjoy every step of the collaboration. Here’s how we can make a difference for you:

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs

No matter the size of your business, from a few hundred to many thousands, we understand that each organisation faces its own challenges. That’s why we listen intently and ask the right questions to truly grasp your specific issues. We then design and deliver effective training solutions tailored just for you.

Expertise That Delivers

Our team packs a powerful punch with our ability to quickly design solutions that focus on the outcomes that truly matter to you. We’re here to streamline the processes of your people development. Let us solve this challenge with you.

Engaging and Effective Communication

We excel in adapting our communication to meet the diverse needs of multinational audiences, whether in person or virtually. Expect a fun, engaging, and interactive delivery style that not only captures attention but also produces measurable impact.

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  • Team Development programmes for R&D teams in a FTSE 100 org
  • Virtual Leadership Programme for the EMEA LT of a Fortune 200 org
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