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Leadership Mindset Coaching

Give your leaders an unparalleled edge. Accelerated results for individuals within your organisation.

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  • I am delighted with the changes I have observed in XXXX, she has really grown as a Leadership Team member through this coaching program. She speaks up far mor ein meetings, not just adding her technical insights, but I now see her offering up challenge to strategy.

    Her confidence to have her voice heard has gone from strength to strength, even in areas not in her own accountability.

    She has begun to grow her connections outside her own team which is helping to breakdown silos within the function.

    XXXX pre-empts meetings ensuring she is clear on expectations so that she can maximise the opportunities to contribute. She’s clearly more at ease and able to actually enjoy the environment she’s in which is demonstrated by an increase in her energy and output.

    Group Head of Department
    British American Tobacco

Prepare to give your leaders an unparalleled edge!

Leadership Mindset coaching focuses on helping leaders understand and change their mindset, or the way they think about themselves and the organisation around them.

These one-to-one sessions are typically delivered virtually, but can also be done in-person. They involve helping leaders to identify and challenge negative or limiting beliefs, develop a growth mindset, and adopt more positive and effective ways of leading their teams.

The goal of our leadership mindset coaching sessions is to support leaders in being more effective in the critical areas of:

  • creating a compelling vision for their team
  • aligning and influencing their team to take greater ownership
  • executing on their vision, by driving high standards of performance

In these sessions we will identity and constructively challenge any attitudes or approaches that aren’t currently working for them. These sessions will lead to improved results in multiple areas of their lives including work, relationships and personal well-being.

Challenges that Leadership Mindset Coaching can address

Our Leadership Mindset Coaching sessions are the most effective way of addressing challenges such as:

  • Developing more inspirational leadership mindset and behaviours
  • Building greater emotional resilience
  • Development of better communication skills
  • Improving prioritising and effective decision making
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome (this is far more common than you might think!)
  • Lack of empathy or emotional intelligence
  • Improving delegation skills
  • Building confidence at initiating difficult conversations
  • Improving feedback skills
  • Creating a better work/life balance
  • Increasing creative and innovate solutions to complex business challenges

Work of Leaders™ – DISC Personality & Leadership Profile

Our Leadership Mindset Coaching sessions are the most effective way of addressing challenges such as:

In many circumstances we will recommend that the leaders complete the Work of Leaders™ DISC profile ahead of the coaching sessions with us.

This 23-page profile provides valuable insights into the personality style and leadership biases that each leader has.

The profile measures 18 core leadership traits which have been identified as being essential to effective leadership. The results are then summarised into the top strengths and challenges that each person possesses.

Leaders who we work with frequently feedback that this profile has been one of the most valuable that they’ve ever experienced. Together, with our Leadership mindset Coaching sessions, the Work of Leaders profile will equip your leaders with a collection of insightful and actionable steps.

Image of Work of Leaders Profile
Image of Your Leadership Strengths
Your Leadership Challenges

Outcomes you can expect

We receive fantastic feedback from the business leaders who we have coached. Approximately 90% of our business comes to us via referrals and personal recommendations from the leaders we coach and develop.

We’ve helped introverted leaders to find their voice, and dominant leaders to develop the skill of deep listening and empathy.

We’ve helped reactive leaders to become proactive, and hasty leaders to become more considered and strategic.

Changes you can expect to see in your leaders as a result of our Leadership Mindset coaching:

  • Greater self-awareness and self-regulation in their behaviour
  • Increased confidence& motivation
  • Increased personal impact when communicating
  • Better listening skills
  • Being more present
  • Better strategic thinking and planning
  • Enhance emotional intelligence in how they interact with stakeholders
  • More engaging presentation skills
  • Stronger negotiation skills
  • More flexible conflict-resolution skills
  • Increased people-focus in their leadership approach
  • Better decision making (as a result of the increased healthy challenge)
  • Employees reporting that they feel more recognised and appreciated by their leader
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Program Structure

Ranging from a 2-day training, to a 12-month program to suit your LT’s needs and budget.

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Virtual Delivery

For Leadership Teams located across Europe or EMEA, who are unable to meet in person, we can create a highly engaging virtual program

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