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DiSC for Managers

An opportunity for your managers to expand their self-awareness, adapt their management style and become the most effective version of themselves.

DISC for Managers

The Profile

The Everything DiSC Management Profile provides participants with an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as managers and teaches them how to adjust their style to accommodate the needs of their team members, thereby improving their overall effectiveness.

The research-backed online assessment involves participants answering behavioural statements on a five-point scale. Additionally, there are application-specific questions included to determine the participant’s management priorities and tendencies based on the DiSC model.

The assessment is designed using state-of-the-art adaptive testing methodology, resulting in each participant receiving highly accurate and personal insights.

The 27-page profile covers the following topics:

  • Identification of the participant’s DiSC management style
  • Examination of strategies for successful directing and delegating
  • Techniques for creating motivating work environments
  • Enhancement of the ability to enhance the potential of others
  • Strategies for improving the participant’s relationship with their own manager.
Disc For Managers Profile
Disc For Managers Profile
Disc For Managers Profile
Disc For Managers Profile

Outcomes You Can Expect

  • Increased self-awareness: DISC helps managers recognize their own communication style and improve their skills
  • Improved communication skills: DISC model helps managers understand different communication styles to better connect with employees
  • Increased team productivity: Understanding how each team member is motivated can maximize team productivity
  • Better conflict resolution: Managers can de-escalate conflicts by identifying triggers and adapting their approach
  • Improved leadership skills: DISC helps managers understand their own strengths and weaknesses as a leader and adapt their style
  • Enhanced hiring/on boarding: DISC can help identify personality types that complement the team and integrate new hires smoothly
  • Improved customer relationships: DISC helps managers adapt to customer personalities and communication styles to increase customer satisfaction

The Training

The training teaches how a person’s management style affects their decision-making, time management, and problem-solving processes. Upon completion, participants will have concrete strategies to adjust their style to better connect with their team, ultimately allowing them to extract the best from their team members, regardless of location.

  • Recommended format:
    • 2 x ½ day virtual sessions, or 1 x full day in person
    • Virtual training – maximum 8 participants per session
    • In-person training – maximum 100 participants
  • Group training can be complimented with 1:1 Mindset Coaching sessions, to deeply embed learnings and accelerate application of the DISC model
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Program Structure

Ranging from a 2-day training, to a 12-month program to suit your LT’s needs and budget.

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Virtual Delivery

For Leadership Teams located across Europe or EMEA, who are unable to meet in person, we can create a highly engaging virtual program

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