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Presenting with Impact

Our Presenting with Impact training empowers your team to deliver captivating and persuasive presentations. Learn the secrets to crafting compelling messages and engaging your audience, transforming ordinary presentations into extraordinary experiences.

Presenting with Impact


Effective presentation skills are valuable in business because they can help you effectively communicate ideas, persuade others, and build credibility and trust.

Solid presentation skills involve the ability to convey information in a clear and concise manner, as well as the ability to engage and connect with your audience.

They also involve the ability to adapt to different situations and audiences, as well as the ability to anticipate and address any questions or concerns that may arise.

All of these skills are essential for success in the business world and can help you stand out as a confident and capable professional.

Not only will our Presenting with Impact training help to improve your ability to engage your audience, but it will also boost your confidence and credibility, setting you up for success in the long run.

Whether the training is delivered in-person or virtually, our coaches will record participants in order to provide real-time coaching feedback. In our experience, there is no faster way to accelerate people’s growth and build their confidence at presenting.

Experience Accelerated Results

If you are someone who feels particularly anxious about presenting (which many people do), then we can help you to experience break-through results.

What sets our coaching apart is our use of cutting-edge techniques, that produce real-time changes in permanently lowering anxiety, or other debilitating emotions.

Our Coaches are trained in little-know techniques including Tapping (a.k.a Emotional Freedom Techniques™) and Havening™.

These strange-sounding techniques are known as psychosensory therapeutic techniques, meaning they involve self-applied physical touch to produce remarkably effective changes in the way you think and feel.

When positive thinking alone is not enough, these techniques offer a superior approach to reducing the intensity of unwanted thoughts and emotions.

Our skilled Mindset Coaches, Sarah and Tim, integrate these techniques seamlessly into our Presenting with Impact coaching sessions to help you feel more confident and capable when you present.

Outcomes you can expect to see & hear

  • Improved confidence when presenting
  • Improved clarity & conciseness
  • Increased ability to engage the audience – both in-person & virtually
  • Better story-telling when presenting
  • A more conversational presenting style
  • Active use of the voice, to bring the presentation to life
  • Use of meaningful gestures and open body language
  • Increased ability to positively influence the audience
  • More efficient presentation preparation
  • Superior skills to handle Q&A well
  • More effective slide design
  • No more ‘death by PowerPoint’!


Image of Presenting with Impact


  • In-person & virtual delivery available


  • Optimal group size = 4-8 people
  • Group sizes can be stretched if necessary


  • In-person trainings are typically a full day
  • Virtual trainings are typically 3.5-hours


  • In-person is typically in a meeting room onsite
  • Virtually via Teams/Zoom


  • Participants prepare a simple slide deck ahead of trainings, in order to make their practice as relevant and valuable as possible
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