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Empowerment Experiences

Building the courage and confidence to step out of your comfort zone. 

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  • What I achieved through these activities still resonates today, and allows me to perform better on a day-to-day basis – for me it’s about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, letting the pressure rise, and taking a step, sometimes into the unknown, but with a solid mindset.

    It’s the mindset piece that Tim & Sarah helped me to focus on, and one I now feel I have greater awareness and control over to take on the biggest of challenges in the future.

    I would absolutely recommend working with Tim & Sarah if you’re looking to really dial into your personal growth potential, they helped deliver with a mix of high energy and high interactivity, but most importantly for me a safe environment to speak my mind to allow me to move my mindset forward.

    Adam Forrest
    Senior National Account Manager


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Empowerment activities are unique experiences that provide participants new ways to challenge their self-limiting beliefs about what they are capable of. These experiences teach us about our own capacity to embrace challenge, both individually and as a team.

Our range of empowerment activities include things such as:

  • walking barefoot over glowing red-hot coals
  • walking barefoot over broken glass
  • breaking arrows, wooden boards or concrete with parts of your body
  • trust falls

Each of these activities sound impossible and uncomfortable to do, and the natural reaction is one of self-doubt and fear.

It’s at this point of feeling a sense of fear and self-doubt that we introduce the power of mindset to participants.

Strangely enough, the learning is about everything except the activity itself. It’s about learning how you can shift your mindset from ‘self-doubt’ to ‘courage’ in the moment. This is a direct experience of re-programming your mind through real-time reframing and developing emotional resilience.

Participants often leave with a sense of amazement that they were able to do something that they would never have previously even attempted. With the take away mindset of ‘now I’ve done this, where else have I been telling myself I can’t do something?’.

Challenges this program can address

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  • Teams/groups who are needing to bond and connect with each other
  • Teams/groups who are lacking energy or cohesion
  • Teams/groups who are not collaborating well
  • Teams/groups who are stuck in a fixed mindset
  • Teams/groups lacking creative thinking
  • Teams/groups who are feeling run down or disengaged
  • Teams/groups who are lacking a sense of fun
  • Teams/groups exhibiting siloed working

Our Approach

Empowerment Experiences

We believe that people are seeking to better understand their own potential. We all have an innate desire to add to our sense of self and get rid of old beliefs that no longer serve us.

Empowerment is about being ok with who you are, making decisions in life that are right for you in a moment of challenge and pressure. Part of our approach is to teach real-time strategies to step into fear, leaving behind the self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

Our empowerment experiences stir up, by design, an innate sense of fear and self-doubt, which then provide an authentic opportunity to practice strategies for self-mastery.

Both Sarah and Tim Cooper-Robins are qualified Empowerment Instructors, learning from the teachings of the ‘grand master’ Tolly Burkan. Tolly is the person who first brought fire-walking to mainstream awareness, back in the late 1970’s. In fact, it was Tolly who taught Tony Robbins how to fire walk in 1983. Tony Robbins then went on to become a global success, incorporating fire walking into his ‘Unleash the Power Within’ seminar, which has so far been attended by over 1.5 million people worldwide.

We take great care to ensure everyone feels included and involved, especially those who are unwilling or physically unable to participate in the activities themselves. These experiences are also about being part of the emotional support and encouragement to everyone who is participating. For some people, discovering what a positive impact they can have on others is their most valuable take-away.

Empowerment Activities Structure

We offer flexibility around how these activities can be incorporated. Some possibilities include:

  • an evening fire walk experience, for between 10-100 people (needs to be held after sunset)
  • incorporating some indoor empowerment activities into your conference/event
  • incorporating empowerment activities into a team-building event with us

Outcomes you can expect

Your group/team/employees will come away from these experiences feeling exhilarated and self-assured.

Following our Empowerment Experiences, you can expect:

  • More courage in your people in the workplace
  • Development of a growth mindset in your people
  • Faster bonding in newly formed or established teams
  • Accelerated trust-building and rapport between your people
  • An increased sense of team spirit
  • Employees feeling valued and invested in
  • Employees feeling more energised& motivated
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Program Structure

Ranging from a 2-day training, to a 12-month program to suit your LT’s needs and budget.

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Virtual Delivery

For Leadership Teams located across Europe or EMEA, who are unable to meet in person, we can create a highly engaging virtual program

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