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  • Testimonials

    Sarah and Tim have been absolutely amazing in kick-starting my leadership journey!

    They sent me on an eye and mind opening journey of self-exploration, helping me to realize, and overcome my limiting believes.

    I’m not just a better leader, I’ve grown personally, and am incredibly grateful for what I’ve learnt and my development to come. If you are willing to dare, you are in good hands! Thank you Tim & Sarah!

    Image of Hanna Bingham
    Hanna Bingham
    UK Demand Planning Manager
  • Testimonials

    Working with Tim Robins has been the link that allowed for the learning, reflection, and objectivity that has been key to moving my career to the next level and success in my first C suite role. He facilitates lasting, meaningful, insightful, and substantial growth that has been impactful in all aspects of my life.

    Image of Solveig Nicklos
    Solveig Nicklos
    CEO of the Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance
  • Testimonials

    We received some great feedback our Emerging Leaders that have been on the Advanced Presentation Skills course with Tim Robins.

    Tim’s delivery of the course has really helped the participants to achieve measurably better results in our organisation.

    Image of Amy Sinnot
    Amy Sinnot
    Graduate Recruitment Advisor EMEA, AIG Insurnace
  • Testimonials

    An incredible training and coaching session delivered by Tim to our team. A fantastic mix of team based practical learning, theory and one to one mentoring. I would highly recommend Tim’s presenting with impact and personal coaching sessions.

    Image of Keiran Adkins
    Keiran Adkins
    Senior Solution Sales Executive, SAP Concur
  • Testimonials

    Tim is a kind, genuine, and brilliant teacher. I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in two of his courses; both have had a huge effect on my confidence and ability to share ideas effectively with my team.

    I can’t wait for the next time I get to learn with him!

    Image of Topher Winward
    Topher Winward
    Software Developer, Rare Ltd
  • Testimonials

    I was lucky enough to attend “Presenting with impact” training session. What an amazing training session.

    Tim really focused on what WE wanted to get out of the session and true to his word he delivered success. I am so excited to present in front of my peers and use my pauses in an effective way.

    I highly recommend Tim for training and if you could invest in one thing to enhance your sales toolkit – INVEST IN THIS ONE!

    You will see results.

    Image of Georgie Lynch
    Georgie Lynch
    Sales Director, SAP Concur
  • Testimonials

    Tim was invited in to educate and train our SDR team on sales & prospecting techniques. Not only was the material interesting and insightful, but he made every minute incredibly engaging.

    It tested the teams abilities and taught them knew skills that were very relevant to their role. What was great, Tim scoped out the team and the role prior to the training to make sure it was tailored for SAP Concur specifically. One of the best coaches I have ever worked with, and I would highly recommend Tim for sales coaching at any level, you won’t regret it!

    Image of Jon Hanson
    Jon Hanson
    Sales Leader, SDR Manager, SAP Concur
  • Testimonials

    I’ve been fortunate to attend a wealth of training courses over the years, but nothing came close to what I experienced with Inner Leader. An opportunity to disengage from the fast pace of the working week, and plug into self-development, with a combination of insightful theory, and some exciting empowerment activities to set your senses racing.

    The activities themselves were exhilarating in the moment, the pressure felt sky high whilst other participants watched on, but you knew you had their support, and more importantly the focussed mindset that Tim & Sarah allowed me to harness.

    At the point of discovering what activities, we were up against, you could hear a pin drop, fear filled the room and I remember nervously glancing around to see if others shared my reactions. Once the initial shock passed and my brain kicked in, the end goal of each activity still didn’t make logical sense, but I went with it, still filled with fear and 100 questions on how and why.

    Preparation for these tasks really was the ‘key unlocker’, and both Tim & Sarah took us through some personal techniques to get in the zone and conquer our fears, but then collectively as a team raise the energy levels through the roof and create a true sense of one team, one dream, so that we could break down the barriers of the activities ahead.

    What I achieved through these activities still resonates today, and allows me to perform better on a day-to-day basis – for me it’s about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, letting the pressure rise, and taking a step, sometimes into the unknown, but with a solid mindset.

    It’s the mindset piece that Tim & Sarah helped me to focus on, and one I now feel I have greater awareness and control over to take on the biggest of challenges in the future.

    I would absolutely recommend working with Tim & Sarah if you’re looking to really dial into your personal growth potential, they helped deliver with a mix of high energy and high interactivity, but most importantly for me a safe environment to speak my mind to allow me to move my mindset forward.

    Image of Adam Forrest
    Adam Forrest
    Senior National Account Manager
  • Testimonials

    As a function we have really grown by understanding who we are and how we get the best from each other. Adapting to how we work across the teams, how we communicate with each other and how we grow.

    Since the training program with Inner Leader there’s more connections, a buzz around the office and a feeling of togetherness, which has been especially important as we navigate lots of change in the organisation. We could not have done this without the support that Inner Leader has given us over the last 18 months.

    Image of Sharon Goodall PhD
    Sharon Goodall PhD
    Group Head of MRTP Sciences
  • Testimonials

    The main benefit of team coaching has been developing an awareness of each other needs, strengths and fears, preferred ways of working, communication and getting to know each other as people.We have shown vulnerability in front of each other, and this has created a strong bond within the team.

    Team Coaching has given us clearer accountabilities and responsibilities within the team. We have improved connection, collaboration, empathy, strengthened relationships and improved the overall efficiency withour work. We are now working and performing as a team with a common objective, whereas before we were different individuals trying to achieve different goals.

    I now understand my team better, their individual needs as well as my own. Understanding how I am perceived by my team has been the greatest contribution to my career and my leadership journey.

    I love how Tim & Sarah play different roles in the sessions, to involve all the different types of personalities and individual needs. I love how they facilitate and guide us, but also give space and time for the team to drive the conversation and make decisions. They create a warm and safe environment where we feel really comfortable to open up and share with each other.

    Image of Zara Valbuena-Lopez
    Zara Valbuena-Lopez
    Principal Product Developer
  • Inner Leader have been a fantastic partner and catalyst to drive trust and high performance throughout my team. We were a brand-new team of 30 plus members, many of us had never worked together or even met before.

    Tim and Sarah use some wonderful and fun tools and exercises during a team day to create trust, high performance, vulnerability. We left more aware of our personality types and how we can use these to work as a team more effectively.The day was energising, inclusive, impactful and really great fun. The day was followed up by 1:1 coaching sessions for all members of the team.

    What a transformation! We are now a motivated and high performing-team where we all know and support each other and have a culture of openness and trust.

    Inner Leader are our go-to partners to drive team performance across all stages of the journey. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

    Image of Dr Sydney Tavern
    Dr Sydney Tavern
    Head of New Categories Consumable Technology
  • Testimonials

    Tim is one of the most talented trainers and coaches that I have had the pleasure to work with in my career. His team building training helped bring my R&D team closer together in just 2 days.

    Quotes from my team like “the best training I have attended in 30 years” are the tip of the iceberg in terms of the positive feedback we had for the training he created for us. My team are still referring to his training 18 months later!

    Image of Paul Dove
    Paul Dove
    R&D Director EMEA Family Care, Kimberly Clark