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FAQs – Answers to the questions that we often get asked…

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What makes you different from other training providers?

We don’t believe in ‘off the shelf’ training solutions. We customise every training and program that we deliver, to meet the unique needs of each group or team.

We take time to integrate your company language and culture, to maximise the impact of messaging when we deliver.

We bring decades of people psychology into our interactions.

We bring humour, energy and playful challenge into our group and one-to-one coaching sessions.

Presentation skills
Leadership Communications Skills
Manager Communication Skills
Personal Impact & Influencing
Selling Psychology Sales Training
Empowerment Team Building days
Leadership Development Events
One-to-one Mindset Coaching

How effective is your training/team-building?

Of course, we’ll tell you that we think we are great at what we do. But it’s the feedback and testimonials from our customers that you’ll likely value more.

Having delivered countless trainings and team-building sessions to hundreds of different teams, we have a solid grasp on the key ingredients that make such events engaging, fun, memorable and effective.

We regularly meet people who attended our trainings or team-buildings from several years ago, and they share how they still remember and draw upon the models and perspectives they took away from time spent with us.

How effective is your 1:1 coaching?

Our 1:1 Mindset Coaching sessions are extremely effective at creating lasting changes in mindset and behaviours.

Both Tim and Sarah are certified coaches, and offer more than just ‘standard coaching’. Between them, they have coached over 8,000 people in 1:1 sessions since 2005.

They are also both experienced practitioners of little known psychosensory techniques, such as ‘Tapping’ and ‘Havening’, both of which work directly with the sub-conscious mind.

Using these gentle yet highly effective techniques, they have helped countless people to lower their stress levels, dissolve limiting beliefs and overcome subconscious barriers to success.

Coaching customers range from people on university placements to CEOs and C-level executives of large corporations.

These sessions can also incorporate skills development practice, such as presentation skills, influencing skills, storytelling, having difficult conversations or preparing an important announcement for a key audience.

What sort of feedback do you typically get from your clients?

These are some statements taken from recent feedback forms from a selection of different clients:

  • “I really like the energy Tim & Sarah brought to the session. They were friendly, welcoming and non-judgemental. They helped us to open up and be vulnerable with each other.”
  • “Tim’s energy and Sarah’s calm reflective approach complement each other so well. You are both masters at what you do, and a power couple.”
  • “I’ve never seen my remote team as engaged and vocal as they were through your virtual training. It was incredible.”
  • “This is hands-down the best money I’ve ever invested into my Sales Team.” (A training delivered virtually across EMEA to a 55-person SaaS sales team)
  • “Best training I’ve experienced in my 30-year career.”
  • “You kept me engaged throughout the entire day – that’s never happened before!”
  • “I didn’t expect it to be so fun and engaging. Thank you for an excellent training!”
  • “The coaching sessions have been transformational. I can hardly believe differences to my confidence and motivation.”
  • Our average training feedback score so far in 2022 was 9.1/10
  • You can read through more of our corporate training testimonials here

Are you able to customise a course for my organisation?

Yes, absolutely. The majority of our training programs are designed specifically to meet the needs and development requirements of that particular team.

The first step is for us to book in initial ‘discovery call’ over Teams/Zoom, so that we can find out about your people and their development needs.

Drop us an email and let’s start talking…

Where are your trainings / team-building / coaching sessions delivered?

In-person trainings

If your team is able to meet in person then we strongly recommend you invest in an offsite venue. This helps participants to mentally step away from work and to invest their full attention into the training.

In person team-building

Again, if your team are able to meet up in person then and off-site location is strongly recommended.

Virtual trainings & team-building sessions

Approximately 30% of the teams we work with are geographically spread out across EMEA, so virtual delivery is the primary way that we support them. We tailor the timings, content and break-out exercises to make them fit well into a virtual format

Team-Coaching sessions

Another way that we can support the growth and effectiveness of your team is through team-coaching sessions. These sessions focus on accelerating the rate at which your team problem-solve, align and collaborate. These can be delivered virtually or in-person.

1:1 Mindset Coaching sessions

Approximately 95% of our Mindset Coaching sessions are delivered virtually via Teams/Zoom. This is by far the most efficient and effective way to deliver such sessions. Occasionally though, we come to business’s premises and coach a number of people throughout the day.

How do I choose which training is best for my team?

This is a common question we get asked, and the answer comes through a conversation where we can help you identify your key development needs, challenges and goals.

Following this we will create a proposal listing our recommendations and provide you with several options to suit budget, time and aspirations.

Simply send us an email or schedule a discovery call with us by clicking on the lime green button on the bottom right of your screen.

How are your trainings, team-building events and coaching sessions priced?

We don’t offer any off-the shelf fixed trainings, so we don’t have a pricelist as such.

Please get in touch to arrange a Discovery call, so we can understand what you are looking for and find out if we would be a good fit for your business or not.

Get in touch here.

What type of activities do your team-building days include?

Whilst a team-building day out together at an escape room, doing archery, or go-karting may be lots of fun, research shows that such activities don’t result in meaningful improvements to team performance.

Having spoken with hundreds of employees who have participated in such ‘team-building’ days, the unanimous verdict is that it didn’t actually bring the team much closer together; nor did it make any meaningful impact on team culture nor increase levels of trust.

Therefore, our team-building days are centred around creating a psychologically safe environment, through which honest dialogue and personal vulnerability can be openly shared. The result of doing this is inspirational and immediate!

We are very careful to make sure that no one ever feels left out, put on the spot or embarrassed. Instead, we create a supportive and inclusive energy which enables everyone to have their voice heard.

We combine these types of activities with helping everyone to better understand themselves and each other through the Everything DiSC psychometric model. This creates many ah-ha’s, as people recognise each other’s strengths, challenges and priorities.

Lastly, we integrate challenging ’empowerment activities’ which require some courage and self-determination. These activities are carefully chosen, based upon the people and dynamics of the team. These fun activities help to strengthen people’s courage, self-belief and team-spirit.

Our team building events usually last 1 or 2 days and are delivered in pleasant hotel venues.

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