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DiSC for Sales Teams

Everything DiSC® Sales will help your salespeople create more effective customer interactions that drive stellar results.

DISC for Sales Teams
  • We worked with Tim to identify areas where we felt we could gain collective improvement through changing our understanding of and corresponding behaviours. The impact from the approach we took was phenomenal. Without exception, the feedback from the team was amazing.

    My team of 50+ Sales Executives came away equipped with greater insight into one another and the personalities of our prospects and customers. These skills have become embedded in our organisation through Tim’s unique and approach to learning and behavioural change.

    Tim’s Sales Training is having a positive impact daily to our people and in the way our business runs.

    Rob Harrison
    MD EMEA North, SAP Concur

The DiSC Sales Profile

The online assessment, which has been validated through extensive research, requires participants to rate behavioural statements on a scale of five points. Additionally, the assessment includes application-specific questions that aid in identifying the participant’s sales priorities.

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile assists participants in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, their clients, and their interactions. The profile, which spans 23 pages, enables participants to examine their own sales approach and the ways in which their strengths and limitations impact their sales behaviour.

They will also discover how to identify the distinctive traits of each customer’s buying style, and acquire techniques for adjusting their sales style to meet the requirements of their customers. This methodology will enhance the effectiveness and selling success of your Sales Team.

Image of Disc For Sales Teams
Image of Disc For Sales Teams
Image of Disc For Sales Teams
Image of Disc For Sales Teams

Get ready to revolutionise the way you sell!

Everything DiSC® Sales is the ultimate training and personalised learning experience that’s designed to help salespeople create more effective customer interactions that drive stellar results.

This exciting program will teach your salespeople how to break free from their natural Sales style and better align with your customers’ needs and expectations, no matter how unique their buying style may be.

You’ll dive deep into sales-specific strategies, tips, and action plans to help you become the most effective salesperson you can be.

The assessment has been developed using the latest adaptive testing methodology, and every participant receives precise insights that are personalised to their specific needs.

What impact can I expect this to make on my Sales Team?

Tim Cooper-Robins has delivered DISC Sales to dozens of different sales teams, primarily in the SaaS and recruitment sector. However, DiSC Sales is of value to any sales teams in any sector or industry.

When following up with these teams 3-6 months later customers have fed back the following positive changes:

  • Improved rapport building with prospects
  • More effective sales negotiations
  • More efficient and effective sales interactions
  • Better influencing of key stakeholders
  • Shorted sales cycles – through more flexible influencing skills
  • Increased win rate
  • Improves working relationships within the sales team and with supporting teams

The DiSC Sales Training

  • Recommended format:
    • 2-3 x ½ day virtual sessions, or 1-2 x full day in person trainings
    • Virtual training – maximum 8 participants per session
    • In-person training – maximum 100 participants
  • Virtual & in-person trainings can be complimented with 1:1 Sales Mindset Coaching sessions, to deeply embed learnings and accelerate application of the DiSC Sales model
Programme Structure Icon

Program Structure

Ranging from a 2-day training, to a 12-month program to suit your LT’s needs and budget.

Virtual Delivery Icon

Virtual Delivery

For Leadership Teams located across Europe or EMEA, who are unable to meet in person, we can create a highly engaging virtual program

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Interested to find out how we can help take your Sales Team to the next level?

Get in touch and let’s book in a Zoom/Teams call to discuss your team’s development needs and goals.