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Sales Psychology & Influencing Skills

Advanced Sales Psychology training to help your Sales Team produce extraordinary results.

Sales Psychology & Influencing Skills


At Inner Leader, we understand that successful selling is not just about pitching products or services. It’s about building relationships with customers, understanding their needs and pain points, providing solutions that address those issues.

That’s why we emphasise a consultative selling approach in our Sales Psychology & Influencing Skills training program.

Our ‘Sales Psychology & Influencing Skills’ training is dedicated to helping salespeople develop real-world selling skills in both face-to-face and virtual environments.

Our program includes advanced rapport-building techniques, deal-qualification questioning, and advanced listening and summarising skills. We also delve into the psychology of sales negotiations, up-selling, cross-selling, and closing.

Our comprehensive training will help your sales team become more effective communicators and close more deals. Trust us to elevate your sales game and give your business the competitive edge it needs.

Take your sales psychology and selling skills to the next level with our comprehensive Sales Psychology training programs. These programs are designed to equip your Pre-Sales and Sales Executives with real-world sales skills, that will generate sales and revenue for your business.

Target Audience

Foundation Level: Sales Foundations & Relationship Building

Kickstart your sales career with our foundational module, crafted for those embarking on their sales journey. Delve into the core principles of sales with a strong focus on customer psychology from day one.

Understanding Customer Psychology:

  • Grasp the essential aspect of sales by learning to appreciate and anticipate the needs and wants of your customers.

Rapport Building Basics

  • Develop the skills to quickly build a connection with potential clients, establishing trust and openness from the very beginning
  • Learn how to engage with clients in a manner that is both genuine and professional

Effective Questioning:

  • Master the art of questioning to uncover the real needs of your clients, allowing for solutions that truly address their concerns
  • Practice crafting questions that lead to deeper insights and stronger connections

Tailored Solutions:

  • Gain the ability to create and present solutions that not only solve client problems but also resonate with them on a personal level
  • Learn the craft of personalising your approach to meet the unique demands of each client.

This module aims to build your confidence and equip you with the necessary sales skills to start forming meaningful relationships with prospects and customers. It lays the groundwork for a successful career in sales, providing you with the essential tools to excel in consultative selling.

Intermediate Level: Strategic Sales & Influencing Techniques

Elevate your sales skills with our ‘Strategic Sales & Influencing Techniques’ module, designed for sales professionals who are ready to advance beyond the basics and polish their sales strategy.

Influencing Decision-Making:

  • Learn to apply advanced techniques that have a powerful impact on customer decisions
  • Understand the subtleties of influencing and how to guide discussions towards positive outcomes.

Deepening Client Relationships:

  • Explore ways to strengthen connections with clients, turning transactions into partnerships
  • Building trust and credibility to create a lasting rapport with clients.

Complex Sales Cycle Navigation:

  • Equip yourself to smoothly navigate through multifaceted sales cycles
  • Master the ability to remain adaptable and forward-thinking throughout prolonged sales engagements

Psychology of Customer Decisions:

  • Explore the factors that drive customers’ decisions
  • Anticipate client objections and prepare to address them with well-crafted responses that resonate with their core values and needs

Negotiation Strategies:

  • Master Develop robust strategies for negotiating deals that benefit both your customer and your business
  • Learn to secure favourable terms while maintaining a focus on long-term relationship building.

This module is crafted to sharpen your Sales Team’s strategic approach and enhance your persuasive capabilities, ensuring you’re equipped to handle more sophisticated sales scenarios and close deals with confidence.

Outcomes You Can Expect

  • Boost in confidence and communication skills across your Sales Team, in both face-to-face and virtual selling environments
  • Embedding of a consultative selling culture across your sales team
  • Develop deal qualification questioning techniques to identify high-quality leads and focus efforts where they matter most
  • Acquire advanced listening and summarising skills to truly understand your customer’s needs, and offer solutions that meet their requirements
  • Learn sales negotiation psychology to negotiate more effectively, and achieve more profitable outcomes
  • Discover up-selling, cross-selling, and closing techniques that increase the value of each sale, while creating loyal customers



In-person & virtual delivery available


Between 4-8 modules of Sales Psychology content, to suit your team’s needs


In-person delivery: 6-12 people. Virtual delivery: 6-20 people.


To enhance the impact of this sales training, we recommend combining it with:

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Program Structure

Ranging from a 1-day training, to a 6-month program to suit your Sales Team’s needs and your budget.

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Virtual Delivery

For Sales Teams located across the UK, Europe or EMEA,  we can create a highly engaging virtual sales training programs

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