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Emerging Leaders Program

Take your top talent to new heights of performance and confidence.

Enhance the skills and abilities by our emerging leaders program.

Building High Performing Teams
  • Sarah and Tim have been absolutely amazing in kick-starting my leadership journey! They sent me on an eye and mind opening journey of self-exploration, helping me to realize, and overcome my limiting believes. I’m not just a better leader, I’ve grown personally, and am incredibly grateful for what I’ve learnt and my development to come. If you are willing to dare, you are in good hands! Thank you Tim & Sarah!

    Hanna Bingham
    UK Demand Planning Manager


Our Emerging Leaders programs are designed to support the growth and leadership development of your high-potential employees. Participants will come away with a broad collection of leadership skills, developed upon an expanded leadership mindset.

Key benefits of implementing on of our programs in your organisation:

  • Accelerate the mindset, communication skills and strategic thinking of your brightest talent
  • Boost their personal confidence and courage to new heights. Increased courage and confidence results in bolder thinking and brave ownership.
  • Secure the loyalty and commitment of your top talent, through your investment into their development
  • Develop their real-world leadership skills and practice them in real-world situations
  • Foster bonding and valuable collaboration between your top talent through providing them the opportunity to work on challenging projects that improve company culture, increase process efficiency or ignite valuable innovation.
  • Boosting morale and motivation: The program provides a supportive environment for emerging leaders, which can help to boost morale and motivation. By participating in the program, emerging leaders feel valued and recognized for their potential, which can help to keep them engaged and motivated.

How we go about working together with you

Inner Leader has designed and delivered Emerging Leaders programs for international brands such as Kimberly-Clark, Adecco and NashSquared (or Harvey Nash as it previously was). Each of these programs had different goals and different areas of focus for their participants, but all of them shared a delight at how successful their respective programs were received by their participants.

Here are the steps to making it happen:

Step 1 – Discovery: we connect with you to ask and listen to what it is you are wanting to create for your emerging leaders. We help you identify your outcomes and measurements of success for the program.

Step 2 – Co-creation: we co-create a multi-modular program, to your timeline and budget, that incorporates all of the key learnings and elements that you want.

Step 3 – Delivery: Inner Leader will then organise, schedule and deliver the program for you. We will of course happily weave our modules in around other internal elements that you want to incorporate into the program, such as presentations to your Leadership Team.

Step 4 – Follow-up: Once the program has been successfully delivered and feedback gathered, we will then meet with you to properly debrief the key learnings, insights, impact and ideas for future programs that came out of the program.


  • Typical cohorts range from 8-20 individuals
  • Programs can be delivered in person, virtually or as a hybrid of the two
  • A range of experiences are provided including group trainings, workshops and 1:1 Leadership Mindset Coaching sessions
Programme Structure Icon

Program Structure

Ranging from a 2-day training, to a 12-month program to suit your LT’s needs and budget.

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Virtual Delivery

For Leadership Teams located across Europe or EMEA, who are unable to meet in person, we can create a highly engaging virtual program

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Interested to explore more?

Let’s arrange a Discovery Call to find out more about what you’re looking for and the results you’d like us to help you deliver.