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Understanding Personality Types | Discover the impact
of Everything DiSC™

Empowering 8 million learners in 130,000 organisations across 70+ countries, with a 97% satisfaction rate!

An evidence-based psychometric tool, designed to provide a shared language to drive better results, innovation & inclusion.

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New to DiSC? Check out our brief introduction to the 4 DiSC® styles below:

Icon Arrow Right Circle GreenDiSC for Teams
Icon Arrow Right Circle GreenDiSC for Leaders
Icon Arrow Right Circle GreenDiSC for Managers
Icon Arrow Right Circle GreenDiSC for Sales Teams

What are the benefits of using DiSC in your business?

Understanding Personality Types

  1. Improve Communication: Everything DiSC helps individuals understand their own communication style and how it may differ from others. With this knowledge, they can adapt their communication style to better connect with others and avoid misunderstandings.
  2. Build Stronger Teams: Everything DiSC provides insights into team dynamics and helps team members appreciate each other’s strengths and differences. By leveraging these insights, teams can collaborate more effectively and achieve better results.
  3. Enhance Leadership: Everything DiSC provides leaders with a deeper understanding of their leadership style and how to flex their style to meet the needs of their team members. This results in more effective leadership and higher employee engagement.
  4. Increase Productivity: Everything DiSC helps individuals and teams become more efficient and productive by improving communication, reducing conflict, and enhancing collaboration.
  5. Drive Business Results: Everything DiSC is a powerful tool for driving business results by improving team effectiveness, strengthening selling skills, enhancing leadership, and increasing employee engagement.
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