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Team Building Events

Team Building Events

Empower your leaders, team or department and transform them from a ‘group of co-workers’ into a ‘connected & trusting team’.  

We believe that a team-building event should be more than just a ‘red letter day’ collection of mundane activities. Our team-building events are specifically designed to be a thrilling blend of challenge, empowerment and learning – all of which produce breakthroughs. 

We will immerse you and your fellow team members in a truly empowering experience. One that that will stay with you for many years to come.

Together, you will support each other to overcome the seemingly impossible. You will build deep levels trust, enhance your communication skills and break through the fears that are currently holding you back.

Everyone will leave this experience feeling ‘super-human’ in their new-found strengths, self-belief and connection with their teammates.

fire walk team building event uk


The purpose of our team building events is to:

  • build trust and connection throughout the team/group
  • develop confidence and self-belief
  • strengthen communication between team members
  • help participants to discover greater resilience 
  • have a huge amount of fun and excitement
  • facilitate greater appreciation for eachother’s strengths
  • give participants an experience they’ll remember for years to come
Sales Training


Participants: From 10 to 30 people


  • 1 day event – an exciting day of activities, challenges, games which build trust and connection 
  • 2 day event – communication skills training during the days + arrow-breaking & fire walking on the 1st evening

Location: an offsite venue of your choice

Sales Psychology Training

What you will take away:

Participants tell us that they have taken away the following: 

  • “More confidence than I’ve ever felt before”
  • “So much laughter, fun and excitement”
  • “We’ve really come together as a team, we can all feel it”
  • “We have a new language! No more moaning, we are all ‘can do’ people now”
  • “I can hardly believe what we’ve done over the past two days, we all feel like unstoppable warriors!”
Leading from Within

Who is this for:

Teams: the Board, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Purchasing, Marketing, HR, IT, Partners or any other team

Departments: Invite your entire department and invest into everyone’s sense of motivation, connection and mindset

Top Performers/Winners: many companies offer our team building events a the winning prize for outstanding performance. This could be a an existing team, or it might be a collection of individuals from across you business.


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