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The main benefit of team coaching has been developing an awareness of each other needs, strengths and fears, preferred ways of working, communication and getting to know each other as people.We have shown vulnerability in front of each other, and this has created a strong bond within the team.

Team Coaching has given us clearer accountabilities and responsibilities within the team. We have improved connection, collaboration, empathy, strengthened relationships and improved the overall efficiency withour work. We are now working and performing as a team with a common objective, whereas before we were different individuals trying to achieve different goals.

I now understand my team better, their individual needs as well as my own. Understanding how I am perceived by my team has been the greatest contribution to my career and my leadership journey.

I love how Tim & Sarah play different roles in the sessions, to involve all the different types of personalities and individual needs. I love how they facilitate and guide us, but also give space and time for the team to drive the conversation and make decisions. They create a warm and safe environment where we feel really comfortable to open up and share with each other.