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I’ve been fortunate to attend a wealth of training courses over the years, but nothing came close to what I experienced with Inner Leader. An opportunity to disengage from the fast pace of the working week, and plug into self-development, with a combination of insightful theory, and some exciting empowerment activities to set your senses racing.

The activities themselves were exhilarating in the moment, the pressure felt sky high whilst other participants watched on, but you knew you had their support, and more importantly the focussed mindset that Tim & Sarah allowed me to harness.

At the point of discovering what activities, we were up against, you could hear a pin drop, fear filled the room and I remember nervously glancing around to see if others shared my reactions. Once the initial shock passed and my brain kicked in, the end goal of each activity still didn’t make logical sense, but I went with it, still filled with fear and 100 questions on how and why.

Preparation for these tasks really was the ‘key unlocker’, and both Tim & Sarah took us through some personal techniques to get in the zone and conquer our fears, but then collectively as a team raise the energy levels through the roof and create a true sense of one team, one dream, so that we could break down the barriers of the activities ahead.

What I achieved through these activities still resonates today, and allows me to perform better on a day-to-day basis – for me it’s about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, letting the pressure rise, and taking a step, sometimes into the unknown, but with a solid mindset.

It’s the mindset piece that Tim & Sarah helped me to focus on, and one I now feel I have greater awareness and control over to take on the biggest of challenges in the future.

I would absolutely recommend working with Tim & Sarah if you’re looking to really dial into your personal growth potential, they helped deliver with a mix of high energy and high interactivity, but most importantly for me a safe environment to speak my mind to allow me to move my mindset forward.