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People Skills for Managers

Great Managers require outstanding people skills. In fact, to be an outstanding people manager you need to have a solid understand of people psychology. Those who do, produce effective and successful teams.

The ultimate role of a Manager is to drive better performance from their team. This training empowers people managers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to do just that. 

Our program will help to develop an empowering coaching approach. Research from around the world clearly shows that Managers who know how to coach their teams produce far superior results.


Sales Psychology Training

What you will learn:

Participants will come away with a renewed sense of clarity, drive and optimism. This course is stacked full with practical tools, techniques and ‘how to’ information. 

As well as being reminded of best-practice managerial skills, participants will also be trained in how to coach their team members. 

Topics such as difficult conversations, listening skills, empathy, delegating and motivating will also be covered in detail.

Sales Training

Who is this for:

Foundation level – ideal for people who have recently been promoted into a Team Lead of Manager role.

Intermediate level – ideal for people who have been managing for 1-2 years.

Senior level – designed for Senior Managers and Managers who have 5+ years of experience



The purpose of this training is to empower participants with a solid set of practical people management skills. 

This training covers core aspects of managing, coaching and leading a team towards success. 


Leading from Within


Group size: 6 – 12 people 

Format: 2 days of group training +  1 hour of 1:1 coaching per person

Day 2 should ideally be delivered one month after day 1

Price: Available upon request.

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