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Successful Selling

Sales Training that Delivers Sales Results

The Successful Selling training will train you in how to sell without coming across as being ‘salesy’.

Selling is one of the most powerful skills that you can possess in business. This training will help you develop your selling skills both in face to face and over the phone situations.

Participants will learn, practice and develop real-world sales techniques that will produce immediate impact in your sales calls – whether telesales or face to face sales. 

Sales Psychology Training

What you will learn:

Participants will come away equipped with greater selling and communication skills, as well as an enhanced understanding of what sales is and how they can instantly increase their rapport, influence and close more sales.

This course is packed full with practical tools, techniques and learning experiences.

Sales Training

Who is this for:

Salespeople, whether customer facing salespeople or telesales teams,  account managers and people keen to transition into a sales role.



Training Content: Prospecting, building rapport, active listening, questioning skills, presenting your offering, objection handling, closing and asking for referrals.

Training Outcome: To help your sales team sharpen their selling skills and improve their sales performance.

Leading from Within


Group size: 6 – 12 people 

Format: 2 days of group training + a 1 hour Mindset Coaching session per person

Price: Available upon request

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