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Presenting with Impact

Presenting with Impact: Foundation to Advanced Presentation Skills Training

Don’t just aim to ‘get through’ a presentation, learn how to engage your audience and speak with confidence.

This training is designed for people who need to develop a solid foundation in giving engaging and effective presentations.

The course is highly interactive and surprisingly fun. Participants will develop tangible and practical skills, which will stay with them for many years to come.



The purpose of this training is to build confidence and competence in giving effective presentations.

Emphasis is placed upon practicing and refining the essential skills required for bringing your presentation to life. 

Sales Training


Participants: A maximum of 6 participants per group

Format: 1 day of group training + 1 day of 1:1 coaching sessions (6 x 1 hour sessions)

Location: Onsite at your business premises, or offsite at at a venue of your choice

Sales Psychology Training

What you will learn:

Training content includes: 

  • The psychology of effective communication
  • Showing confidence through your body language
  • Developing an engaging & confident voice
  • Speaking with impact, using empowered language
  • A framework for structuring your presentations
  • Key principles for effective slide design  
Leading from Within

Who is this for:

Foundation level: For people requiring the essential skills in speaking to groups with confidence and clarity. 

Intermediate level: For people who are already confident with presenting to groups of people, and wanting to make their style more engaging, memorable and punchy.

Advanced level: For experienced presenters who are wanting to polish and refine their ability to engage large audiences. 


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