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Personal Impact & Influencing Skills

Personal Impact & Influencing skills

Do people listen to you when you speak? Do they remember what you’ve said? Are you really making the impact in your business that you’d like to? 

In this training you will discover powerful techniques for getting yourself noticed in positive ways. You will also learn a collection of effective communication skills that will increase your emotional intelligence. 

Although your IQ is important, it’s your EQ, or your ability to influence others, that will most greatly impact your success in business. 

Sales Psychology Training

You Will Learn How To:

Participants will come away with a noticeably greater sense of self-awareness of their language, both verbal and non-verbal, and interpersonal communication skills. 

Participants report positive feedback months after this course, telling us that they are finding it much easier to influence colleagues and customers towards embracing their ideas.

Sales Training

Target Audiences:

Foundation level – ideal for interns, graduates or apprentices. The focus will be on helping them to understand your company’s culture and how to behave professionally. 

Intermediate level – ideal for people in Managerial positions

Senior level – ideal for Directors and Senior Leaders



To teach the skills of creating a lasting impact, both face to face and over the phone.  

To enhance practical influencing skills that can be applied when communicating with teams, clients and senior management.

Leading from Within

Group size: 6-10

Group size: 6-12 participants

Format: 1 day group training + a 1 hour 1:1 coaching session for each participant.

Price: Available upon request

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