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Empowering Managers

Our manager training programs equip people managers with the knowledge and confidence to drive better performance from their teams.

Empowering Managers


Effective people skills are critical for great managers. At Inner Leader, we offer a training program that equips people managers with the knowledge and confidence to drive better performance from their teams.

Our program focuses on developing essential skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution, and motivation. By mastering these skills, managers can create a positive work environment that fosters productivity, engagement, and innovation.

With our Empowering Managers training, managers can develop an empowering coaching approach that unleashes the full potential of their teams.

Reach out today to discover how our program can help your managers to become outstanding at driving better performance from their teams.

Target Audience

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Take your people management skills to the next level with our comprehensive Manager training programs, designed to meet the needs of leaders at every level.

  • Our Foundation level training is ideal for people who have recently been promoted into a Team Lead or Manager role. This program provides essential skills and knowledge to build a strong foundation for effective leadership and drive team success.
  • The Intermediate level training is designed for managers who have been managing for 1-2 years. This program focuses on developing advanced people skills and improving team performance, empowering you to achieve your career goals and drive organisational success.
  • Our Senior level training is designed for Senior Managers and Managers who have 5+ years of experience. This program is designed to help you become an exceptional leader and drive your organisation to new heights of success.

Outcomes you can expect to see

  • Increased rapport and connection with their team
  • Improved inter-team communication
  • Higher levels of delegation from the manager (and less micromanagement)
  • Increase collective problem-solving
  • Greater sense of urgency across the team
  • Creation of a feedback culture, to accelerate learning & development



Between 4-8 modules of content, to suit your needs


In-person & virtual delivery available

Group Size

6-8 people ideally


To enhance the impact of this training, we recommend combining it with:

Programme Structure Icon

Program Structure

Ranging from a 2-day training, to a 12-month program to suit your LT’s needs and budget.

Virtual Delivery Icon

Virtual Delivery

For Leadership Teams located across Europe or EMEA, who are unable to meet in person, we can create a highly engaging virtual program

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