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Mindset coaching

Mindset Coaching

Our Coaching Philosophy: By releasing the subconscious barriers within your mind, you will significantly improve your results and lower your stress levels.

Tim Robins is the creator of Neuro Linguistic Tapping (NLT). This powerful coaching method integrates the transformational techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with the meridian-tapping technique know as Tapping.

Using NLT, it is possible to create significant positive changes to your mind, your emotional resilience and your level of motivation, all in just a few sessions.

Tim’s sessions will quickly take your Leaders to a new level of confidence, strength and performance.

Sales Psychology Training

How you will benefit from this:

You will gain clarity around what is holding you back, what your core strengths are and how to best move forwards. 

You will experience real-time changes in your thoughts, perceptions, feelings and beliefs.

Increased focus, increased productivity, stronger skills in Managing & Leading people, lower stress levels and better relationships.

All sessions are strictly confidential. 

Sales Training

Who is this for:

Tim’s Mindset Coaching sessions are incredibly valuable for any person at any level in your business.

However, when making such a financial investment into individual’s personal development, these sessions are typically reserved for Senior Managers, Directors, Partners and ‘C’ level Executives. 

By focusing on the more senior figures in your business, the benefits of these coaching sessions will be seen, felt and appreciated by many people working under these individuals. 



To empower clients with a growth-based mindset and the skills necessary to create meaningful changes within their business.

Coaching Style/Approach: An integration of techniques from the fields of NLP, EFT, Neuro Science & Applied Psychology. 

These sessions are outcome-focused and results driven. 

Leading from Within


Format: One to one sessions, either face to face or over Skype. Ideally once or twice per month. Sessions last 2 hours.

Frequency: Typically monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly – depending on your needs and objectives.

Price: Available upon request

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