Inner Leader

Leadership Mindset

Become a Leader Your People want to Follow

What is a ‘leader’? Our favourite definition is, “someone that people want to follow”. 

You may be a senior figure in your business, and therefore an authority, but having authority doesn’t automatically make you an inspiring leader. 

In this training we will help you to clarify and develop your personal leadership traits and qualities. You will come away with a far deeper awareness of how you can grow into a more inspiring leader of people.

Sales Psychology Training

What you will learn:

Your leadership team will come away with an increased sense of self-awareness and the motivation to better connect with their direct reports. 

Through giving them greater recognition of how much of an impact they have on the people around them, this course promotes positive changes in how leaders communicate and lead.

Sales Training

Who is this training for:

People in a Leadership role: Directors, Managing Directors, Senior/Executive Management and Partners

Whether you have been leading for many years, or if you’ve been recently promoted into a leadership role, there will be many areas in which you can improve your leadership mindset.


Purpose of this training:

This training is designed to challenge, inspire and empower the leadership of your company. 

Upgrade the quality of your thinking, communication and impact as a Leader in your business. Develop greater influence, gravitas and empathy.

Leading from Within

Group size: 4-8

Format: 1 to 2 days training + a 1.5 hour 1:1 coaching session for each participant

Price: Available upon request.

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