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Personality Type Assessment & Emotional Intelligence (Virtual Training)

Upgrade Your Emotional Intelligence with DiSC

Understand yourself & your team like never before

Learn about the 4 DiSC Personality Styles in this video

Are you new to DiSC? 

Learn about the four different personality styles in the 12 minute video…

In this video certified DiSC Trainer Tim Robins explains differences and preferences for each of the four DiSC personality types…

Is your team ready for the new normal?

We’re living through challenging times, navigating an unfamiliar territory of video calls, group chats and at-home productivity.

We hear your concerns and have developed a new training programme. It’s designed to improve your team’s virtual communication and collaboration during this crisis and beyond.

The course supports teams that are
• Remote work novices
• Newly-formed or incohesive
• Struggling with conflict
• Looking to level up their performance

Using a combination of practical skills, psychology and one-to-one mindset coaching, uncover the moving parts that make your team function and give those parts the attention they deserve.

Build a smart, efficient team

Working from home, your team needs to think smarter to maintain their pre-crisis performance. Now, more than ever, conscious communication and emotional intelligence are skills your employees will struggle without.

At the end of this course, your team will have

• Mutual trust, appreciation and respect
• A collaborative and supportive atmosphere
• Emotional agility and resilience
• An understanding of their individual needs and limitations
• An end to isolation and cliques
• Fewer misunderstandings
• Minimal conflict

Developing these skills now enables your team to thrive during lockdown. They will return to the office a more productive, dynamic unit capable of far surpassing pre-crisis performance.

Upgrade your team's EQ, request a call back from us...

How does it work?

Until distancing measures end, your training will be conducted remotely using Zoom.

The programme has four stages.


Before the first group session, each participant completes their confidential Agile EQ assessment. This is conducted online and takes just 15-minutes.

DiSC Agile EQ –  Communicate for success

A psychometric assessment that explores participants’ emotions and needs. The results promote greater understanding of how best to communicate to achieve common goals. Each participant receives a 26-page personal profile to direct further personal development.


Week 1: The Psychology of Teams

Two-hour group session

• Dive into the psychology behind what makes a great team (and what makes a bad one)
• Understand the role emotional intelligence plays in a team’s success
• Learn what the DiSC Agile EQ assessment can reveal about working together
• Discover your assessment results and how your motivations, preferences and quirks impact the team dynamic
• Explore the team’s strengths and weaknesses and understand how to better support each other

Week 2: Communication Mastery


Two-hour group session

• Uncover the psychology behind effective communication
• Learn how to double your impact when communicating virtually (so that the answer is always YES)
• Practice flexing your communication style to maintain team harmony
• Develop active listening and questioning skills


Week 3: Mindset Coaching

One-hour one-to-one session

• Explore insights from weeks one and two in a confidential environment
• Address limiting beliefs that may be a barrier to success
• Resolve issues and explore opportunities with other team members
• Agree on a clear action plan for future goals

Reach out to use with a brief email. We’ll contact you to arrange a suitable time for a 20-minute discovery call.

From the discovery call we’ll create a custom proposal to match your people-development needs.

When you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll arrange the course schedule and handle the logistics of the assessment and training invitations.

Our results speak for themselves

If you are looking for personal development, across all employees, where they feel invested in, respected, challenged and developed - I couldn't recommend Inner Leader more.

Emma Maslen

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